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Xbox One gets another redesign with the latest dashboard update

Microsoft has rolled out another dashboard update for the Xbox One. The new dashboard has been available for testing for quite a while, but now it is live for everyone.

Some key features include the ability to use images and GIFs within messages, as well as an interface redesign. This should provide an easier navigation experience. There are now dedicated rows for Xbox Game Pass, Mixer, Xbox Community and Microsoft Store. You can add and remove rows however you desire.

You can now also customize the notification position on screen when receiving a game invite or achievement notice which is a welcome addition.

Xbox new dashboard

Also, Storage Management Suggestions has been given an overhaul. This now includes external storage when suggesting where to move some of your bigger files.

Finally, Microsoft’s streaming platform Mixer has been given some tweaks. There is manual resolution selection, easier navigate to individual streams, as well as an option for “classic chat”. This moves messages to their own dedicate space besides the video.

Microsoft has stayed committed to updating the Xbox One over its life cycle. It is great to see they are keeping up the momentum even with the next console generation fast approaching.

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